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Audio Visual Archives (AVA) is a young, innovative and dynamic publishing house. We have sought to provide high quality, professional resources in an alternative format.

AVA was established in 2004 by Dr Kamal Touma who is now its Director and Chief Editor of PsycheVisual and SexualHealthVisual; AVA’s two flagship publications.

AVA aims to deliver the highest quality subject specific content from around the world in our publications. In conjunction with our numerous partners, we have compiled video libraries which have acted in support of academic and professional research, teaching and professional growth and development.

AVA’s publications are becoming central resources for university libraries, hospitals, private professional practices and numerous other professional and academic institutions around the world.

AVA pride themselves on the provision of the highest quality, most recent and relevant content through their publications and as such, they constantly strive to improve on and grow their publications.

About Psyche Visual

Psyche Visual is as much a reference as a forum of thoughts around brain and mind in health and Illness, from multiple perspectives. Its content covers many schools of thoughts and philosophies. From the latest in Neuroscience research and applications to the oldest in Shamanic healing.

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About Sexual Health Visual

In the same spirit of the previous journal, Sexual Health Visual brings together clinicians, researchers, educators and policy makers from around the globe to share knowledge on contemporary issues of sexual health.

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