Encyclopædia Britannica, Inc. is a well-known international educational publisher. Their offer to SANLiC members is summarised below:

Britannica Academic

Britannica Academic is described as an “ideal resource to start any research project and to meet the need for foundational research context.” The subscription includes World Data Analyst, a comprehensive database of current and historical statistics of the countries of the world.

Britannica ImageQuest

An optional subscription to Image Quest is also available at a discounted price. Image Quest provides access to almost three million images from important collections such as Getty Images, the National Portrait Gallery of London, the National Geographic Society, and many others. All images are rights-cleared for non-commercial, educational use.

Britannica E-Stax
Content is ideally suited for the following uses:
Students with English as a second language
Students requiring further bridging tuition in English, Maths, Sciences, Humanities
Students requiring an introduction to a new topic – supplemental reading
Students requiring access to content offline via e-readers – low offsite connectivity areas

To arrange a trial period for any of the products listed, please contact us at