British Standards Institution (BSI)


Founded in London in 1901, the primary business of BSI (British Standards Institution) is the production of standards and the supply of standards-related services. British Standards Online (BSOL), their online standards database, provides desktop access to over 90,000 British, adopted European and international standards and practice guides. This growing resource is available 24/7 and updated every day so it is always completely up-to-date.

Why choose British Standards Online?

Students excel with BSOL

Students with a knowledge and understanding of standards have a real advantage over those who don’t, as standards underpin most of the industry sectors they will be joining when they start their careers (in manufacturing, agriculture, construction, services, aerospace, energy innovation, design ICT and many others).

How does British Standards Online work?

  • Coverage of all industry sectors making this a one stop standards portal for your institution
  • Access to the leading bibliographic, citation on full-text database of standards, rich in business and research critical content
  • Information accessible directly from your desktop. Just browse, search and download the information you need
  • Access to all draft standards – enabling students to learn about future standards which they will be working with
  • Content updates – daily additions to the service with the latest information at the click of a button ensuring you are always working to the latest standards
  • Full text PDFs allowing your students and lecturers to reference accurately and use validated, quality, industry- specific content, saving valuable time and improving grades
  • A dedicated BSOL technical support team to help with any technical queries
  • 24/7 instant access for international students and lecturers

Product Details

  • Full text access to over 90,000 adopted standards and best practice guides
  • Complete access to key standards information, applicable for all your library users
  • High quality, trusted information developed by prestigious and influential organisations including BSI, the 1st National Standards Body, and leading standards development organisations including ISO, IEC, CEN and CENELEC
  • Comprehensive multi-disciplinary coverage of information spanning all subject areas
  • Daily updates for access to the latest best practice
  • Current standards and standards that have been withdrawn or are under review
  • Ability to set up notification alerts to track changes to standards
  • Available through library discovery tools
  • 53 Modules, BSI Books + Wiring Regulations

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