IGI Global


IGI Global is a leading international scholarly publisher focusing on information science and technology research. The IGI Global e-resources collections provide cutting-edge research relating to business, medicine, education, engineering and technology.

Offer to SANLiC – e-journals:

IGI Global journals are indexed in various indices including Compendex, Scopus and Web of Science as well as being discoverable through the CrossRef linking network. The offer to SANLiC members is flexible – subscribers may choose whether to subscribe to the full collection of InfoSci-Journals or to any one or more of IGI Global’s six subject collections.

The six subject collections are:

  • Business, Administration and Management;
  • Library Science, Information Studies and Education
  • Communications and Social Science
  • Computer Science, Security and Information Technology
  • Medicine, Health Care and Life Sciences
  • Engineering, Natural and Physical Sciences

Offer to SANLiC – e-books (2000-2016):

The IGI Global book collection contains over 2,900 titles in more than 200 different topic areas. Over 66,000 chapters from nearly 3,000 scholarly reference books. Subscription or Perpetual access modules available.

Each title contains authoritative research by renowned experts and undergoes an extensive double-blind peer review. Titles are indexed in the ACM Digital Library, the DBLP Computer Science Bibliography, ERIC and Thomson Reuters’ Book Citation Index, as well as being discoverable through the CrossRef linking network

Leading International Publisher for Information Science and Technology Research in the following subject areas:

  • Business and Management Information Science and Technology
  • Computer Science and Information Technology
  • Educational Science and Technology
  • Engineering Science and Technology
  • Environmental Science and Technology
  • Government Science and Technology
  • Library Information Science and Technology
  • Media and Communication Science and Technology
  • Medical, Healthcare, and Life Science and Technology
  • Security and Forensic Science and Technology
  • Social Sciences and Online Behavior


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