Institution of Engineering & Technology (IET)


IET e-books give professionals access to 300+ electronic titles across 21 specialist disciplines, covering all key areas of engineering and technology including Power, Renewable Energy, Control, Telecommunications, Circuits and Electromagnetic Waves

With its expending coveraGe of engineering science and technology content, IET Publishing continues to provide academics and practising engineers with a wealth of high-quality resources for their research and information.

IET letters, research and open access journals comprehensively cover the disciplines of electrical engineering, and electronics, computing, control, biomedical, healthcare and communications technologies. A new venture with the Chinese Institute of Electronics sees the addition of the Chinese Journal of Electronics to our listing for the first time.

As part of our continuing commitment to support the international engineering community, we continue to develop our author-care programme. By working with the likes of Editage and Kudos, the provision of author urls for the distribution of published work, and the imminent addition of ‘publication upon acceptance’, we are improving the publishing experience for the international researcher, and ensuring our journals remain relevant to the community.

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