ERM (Electronic Resource Management)

Used by libraries to keep track of important information about electronic information resources, such as electronic journals, databases, and electronic books. The development of ERM became necessary as it became clear that library catalogs and integrated library systems were not designed to handle metadata for resources as mutable as many online products are.

License & Acquisition Module:

  • Acquisitions data provided in the Acquisitions Manager is supplied through Teldan’s WebVision Subscription Manager. Teldan is a leading international subscription agent with thirty years of experience, and a co-owner of TDNet.

Advanced Statistics and Reporting functionality:

  • Provide the following standard reports:
  • Usage Reports: by Vendor, by Publisher, by Journals, by Unique IPs, by My TDNet Profiles, by Document Delivery, by Peaks, by Journal Notes.
  • COUNTER Reports:
  • Overlap reports: Collection Overlap Reports, Duplicate Overlap