Royal Society of Chemistry (RSC)


The Royal Society of Chemistry is a professional society supporting chemical scientists and offering a range of high-impact, peer-reviewed journals and books.

RSC ejournals Collections:

  • Gold Package: all RSC online content;
  • Core/Analytical Collection;
  • Core Chemistry Collection;
  • General Chemistry Collection

RSC eBook collection contains over 1,300 books, dating from 1968, which have been digitised and made fully searchable.
Subject coverage: chemistry and related sciences.

  • Complete eBooks collection (1968 – 2015) (40% off 2015 list price)
  • 2012 titles (30% off 2015 list price)
  • 2013 titles (30% off 2015 list price)
  • 2014 titles (30% off 2015 list price)
  • 2015 titles (30% off 2015 list price)
  • 20082015 titles

The Merck index is a definitive reference work on chemicals, drugs and biologicals and is offered online via the Royal Society of Chemistry

There are two discounted options:

  • Annual subscription with no access after cancellation
  • Purchase option with annual update fee with perpetual access if cancelled


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