Thieme publishes over 130 e-journals in the fields of medicine, chemistry and life sciences in a sophisticated, interactive interface as well as online collections of lavishly illustrated full colour e-books and e-learning products.

Two e-journal packages are on offer to SANLiC members:

  1. Medical Package (40 titles in the collection, seven new titles are included for 2016)
  2. Chemistry Package

Backfiles from 2000+ are included for both collections except for Synlett and Synthesis. On cancellation of a subscription, the subscriber retains access to the years which have been paid for. For the impact factors of Thieme journals please see:

In addition to the above offers, Thieme is also offering the following packages:

Medical journals back files (Back files for 25 titles)

E-Book Library – The Thieme E-Book Library is a collection of illustrated downloadable textbooks and is exclusively available by institutional subscription. Users may download any book in the Thieme E-Book Library directly to their personal computer or iPad, to view offline. Note that this is an annual license fee; once the subscription is cancelled there is no archival access.

Teaching Assistant – The Teaching Assistant enables instructors to enhance the learning experience by incorporating dynamic visuals into course materials. Students can use the materials for review, study and self-assessment. If two Assistants are licensed, there is a 25% discount on the price of the second Assistant.

Thieme Clinical Collections – The Clinical Collections consist of monograph packages (not textbooks) which can be purchased outright (i.e. they are not subscriptions). A 10% discount is offered if two packages are purchased; if three packages are purchased the discount increases to 15%.

Science of Synthesis: Houben Weyl methods of molecular transformations – Originally published in print as Houben-Weyl’s Methoden der organischen Chemie, this is information source contains comprehensive coverage of the field of organic chemistry based on published and available sources from the early 1800s to date.

Pharmaceutical Substances – A compendium of over 2,500 active pharmaceutical ingredients. The compound descriptions include chemical structure, medical applications and patient information.


To arrange a trial period for any of the products listed, please contact us at