academic-research-institutions academic-research-institutions Academic & Research Institutions
WWIS Offers wide variety of solutions to Academic and Research organisations. Services include e-Journals & Print Journals, Databases and eBooks.
corporations corporations Corporations
WWIS offers wide range of resources to support decision making and R&D within corporations. Our solutions range from print & electronic resources (databases, e-journals, e-books) to authentication tools, reference tools and standards.
healthcare-organisations healthcare-organisations Healthcare Organisations
WWIS offers a wide range of evidence-based medical research and clinical information resources to support Pharmacies, Medical Schools, Healthcare and Related Organisations.
public-libraries public-libraries Public Libraries
WWIS represent print and electronic resources to serve the dynamic needs of the public libraries and their surrounding communities.


About Us

WWIS is a dominant player in the South African Information Management Solutions industry and supplies print and electronic information services and solutions to the academic, corporate, healthcare and government market.

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